I never do this anymore because my life fucking sucks and school is a living hell and a have no life and no friends and everyone who I used to be close with probably talk shit about me. This is suppose to help me remember good times but I don’t wanna remember this bs.

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November 15, 2013
- LOL I SKIPPED A MONTH but what ever it’s not like anything good happened I don’t wanna remember that bs anyways
- school sucks the usual 
- ok I’m just gonna talk about what it usually do on a daily basis 
- I still watch YouTube and my obsession has gotten so bad and I am literally obsessed with about 40 YouTubers and I keep up with all of them and it’s not healthy how I wait for every video to come out hashtag no life no friends
- ok and I have bad grades lol but I give up on school I don’t even care anymore and I mean it
- I watched 10 episodes of TMPGiS in one day wow DEANDRA IS THE BEST
 - I find it so funny how ppl act like they know lohanthony more than me that’s funny 
- Troye Sivan is popular in our class now cause I put him as my lock screen and everyone thought he was hot and mr g thought he was 15 wow
- my dumb classes 
- in nutrition I got my Taco Bell coupons
- fourth period we had an assembly and I was supposed to leave ten minutes early but mr g is dumb so I didn’t
- I didn’t get lunch and I went to the table to give out the Taco Bell coupons
- the other guys were there and I literally took all the people LOL they were just sitting there and I actually talked to the people so they went to sign my paper I ran out of coupons and one of the guys just gave me his
- Kenneth and Jason came to see how we were doing and they called me greedy cause I was like on my second paper already and Kenneth left and he was like “Peeeaaaccceee” I thought of kaila
- then Erick and the Harry potter looking guy came to ME. MEEEEEEEEEEEEE and Harry potters like “I WANT FREE TACOS” and I told him to sign the paper and he did and I marked his hand cause we were supposed to do that to everyone and he was like “.____. What the hell why did you do that” and I was like “so you don’t get another one” and he got all mad and locked his finger and rubbed it off and then Erick signed the paper and I drew a smiley face on his hand and he was like “oh :)” and then looked at it and then he looked all lost OMG UGH HES SO HOTTTTT he was just looking all around I guess he forgot about his coupon or something I don’t even know man and I was like “here you go” and gave him the coupon and he’s like “thank you” AND HE SPOKE SO QUIETLY LIKE HE WAS SHY OR SOMETHING LOL AWWWWWW and the Harry potter stole like freaking ten coupons and I was like “hey you stole those” and he was like what are you talking about and I was afraid he was gonna beat me up or something so I didn’t tell anyone and Jason’s friend came and a bunch of ericks friends came and they were just around my table and I was so scared AND THIS BLACK GUY WAS YELLING AT ME CAUSE HE WANTED ANOTHER COUPON BUT I GAVE HIM ONE ALREADY AND JASONS FRIEND WAS LIKE HEY STOP HUSTLING HER AND THEY ALL MOVED LIKE FIVE STEPS AWAY
- and then I found kaila and I ran to her and I was telling her about my experience and she was laughing at me lol
 - lunch was gr9 only cause Erick
- at home had a YouTube marathon nothing new I do this everyday
- no choir yaaaaaaay
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October 15, 2013
- happy birthday janet!!
- no pic I had a random screen shot 
- after school played against the teachers they KILLED us and they killed varsity too LOL and then a teacher fell and everyone had to leave and I think she went to the hospital
- that’s it
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October 14, 2013
- 30th day of hell
- Mondays suck
- I think I stayed after school for no apparent reason 
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October 13, 2013
- I don’t even know what happened I need to start doing this
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October 12, 2013
- I woke up and I didn’t wanna go to training but I went anyways
- met at the church and only some people were there />
- walked to the park we looked like ducklings and I walked with Cathy
- we played games and had lessons and nam and Vy reviewed morse and semaphore for us I freaking suck at semaphore LOL they’re all like “wow cecilia you’re unteachable” nam’s like “ok if you guys get one question right then you get to swing once” HAHAHA WOW then for morse I came in second hehe 
- played the untangling game with lily and we got in this impossible knot omg we couldn’t even get out and we tried everything and people started coming to help but they couldn’t figure it out WE BROKE THE GAME
- the ice cream truck came and I bought ice cream yay
- then we had lunch it was church’s chicken lol
- had another lesson
- walked back to church
- went to viet class I say with vinh and Cathy and we had a drawing game vinh’s drawings are so cute omg I wanna draw like him
- in thieu nhi we inspected the little au nhi’s and these two girls were arguing and yelling at each other and pointing and saying “I don’t like you” and the other girl told on her and Quinn was like “okay guys lets all be friends” and the girl was like “no” looooool it was funny. Then for the rest of the time we talked about camp and LDRK and confirmation it was really interesting
-lunch sat with Amy Mary and Katrina an we had pizza and mary forced me to eat salad
- confirmation idk I never pay attention
- church sat with choir
- Vy is a child molester
- grandmas house
- home
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October 11, 2013
- 29th day of hell
- first period we had a test it was easy
- biology I got a D ugh
- I forgot what we did for third period
- fourth idk
- lunch
- fifth period I was really quiet and Moses asked me if I was ok and I said yeah and he’s like are you sure aww
- volleyball I was so mad cause prisma and Sharon don’t try and they’re just like “this is boring I hate volleyball” wow maybe if you tried it wouldn’t be so boring..
- went home and went to the mall with mom and I was gonna buy some sweaters but I ended up just buying a dress ugh
- I got froyo and paid in only cents HAHAHHA the cashier looked pissed
- went home
- dinner
- choir talked to Mary and Amy and Katrina
- home
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October 10, 2013
- 28th day of hell
- in third period me naila and Sharon were talking and Sharon’s all like “my mom saw me walking with naila she probably thinks I’m cool now” and nailas like “wow what do you mean” and Sharon’s like “it’s cause you’re popular and you’re cool and they usually think I’m a loser cause I hang out with cecilia and Isabel” OH MY GOD I WAS GONNA CRY I WAS JUST LAUGHING BUT I WAS ACTUALLY REALLY SAD BECAUSE IS THAT WAS SHE REALLY THINKS OF ME OMG AND I TOLD ISABEL AND SHE WAS ALL SAD TOO SHARON WHY :((((( SHE JUST SAID WE WERE LOSERS WOOOOOWWWW
- after school we had key club and Jamal wanted a pic idk why so I took one
- went home with Allison Lol we drove her home
- took pics of my green tea ice cream for Allison and she was jealous
- tried studying
- church
- home
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October 9, 2013
- 27th day of hell
- in French I talked to Moses and Ricky and we had a debate because Ricky told me Sharon and Moses about Briana and David’s problem and I was like brianas right and they’re like no David’s right ya it was stupid
- volleyball I was freezing and wasn’t gonna change and mr le wanted me to so I did and I was the only one Allison Joi and Janet didn’t :(
- after school I set for mr le and did fours with him Vanessa and Joi it was so fun lol MONSTER HIT!!! Then we talked about where we were gonna eat for volleyball and stuff and he said we were gonna have practice on Monday and a surprise game on Tuesday
- went to seven eleven with Joi and Allison
- walked back to the gym and watched the varsity practice. Then joi made me go under the bleachers to get her poster lol
- then mom drove us home look at them in my car
- went home 
- I forgot
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October 8, 2013
- school 26th day of hell
- I was literally in no mood to play volleyball and I couldn’t even serve over the net and mr Le was encouraging me and mr Nguyen was all like what’s wrong with you GET IT OVER 
- the second set we were so close to winning and we were tied and we thought we won but we didn’t and we had to play another set. The last set I got in and I was like wow dang it I’m not gonna even make it over and mr g was there being all gross and cheering me on and I was like no mr g needs to go die and mr le started laughing lol and I hit it and I made it over and the score was 5-8 and I kept serving and it was 15-8 and I was like OH MY GOD WE WON AND EVERYONE WAS LIKE YESSSSSSS AND ATTACKED ME LOL I WAS SO HAPPY WE WON OUR LAST GAME VARSITY WON TOO YAAAAY 
- then I went home 
- yay