May 15, 2013

- sat with Kevin and Christina at breakfast

- CSTS was so easy I finished like at nine.

- next was PE. mr Cleary made me race rosa. I didn’t want to be in it because it thought it was dumb that I had to race her to get a spot I was originally supposed to be in -.- and she wanted it so I let her beat me

- mr yee next. We played mafia, it was boring. Eric and ogechi kept voting for me because they thought I was lol no

- lunch hung out with Sharon Kevin ANd Justine :)))

- first period we watched the sandlot yay

- fourth period watched freedom writers :)

- after school band boring as usual. At hw hung out with Sharon and took pictures

- ate dinner and mom got mad at me the usual.

- went to frances’ house we took a lot of pics lol and then we made a shout out vid. JONATHAN SAID IT WAS Q :)

May 16th 2013