June 27, 2013

- happy birthday to Kirsten and kirsti :)

- woke up early I am so summer rap material but no I’m not going

- ate lucky charms wow I haven’t had breakfast in so long
- then frances texted me and I got my cupcake holders and sprinkles and went to frances’ house. We sat around watching TV and idk what show it was but it was really interesting. Then we watched flapjack yay and made a cupcakes for sale poster :)

- frances’ dad came home and he took us to this buffet near Rogers. It was cheap and ok lol I like the chow mein though

- then went to the fed ex post office thing

- went to target to buy cupcake batter and supplies

- went home made cupcakes and then we set a table in the front yard it’s so cute lol as we advertised on instagram.

- sold cupcakes to strangers NO ONE FROM SCHOOL CAME -.- then this guy came buy in a monster truck. He was like “what are you guys selling” and we said “cupcakes one dollar each” and he’s like “I’m a fatty for cupcakes.” He looked pretty skinny to me lol. “What do you guys have?” “Chocolate vanilla and red velvet.” Then he asked us to bring all of them to his truck and we put it in the backseat and he gave us twenty one dollars. We said thanks and he gave us another twenty one OMG LOL THANK YOU WOW WE SOLD ALL OUR CUPCAKES.

- counted out money we had $61.50 ;)(;

- hung out outside and bought watermelon bombs from the ice cream truck

- went home

- dinner

- tumblr

- in my room I’m venting to Karina

June 28th 2013